A better way to update your website

Add #edit to the end of a URL, make changes, save. That's it.

Hashedit (aka #edit) is a free, open source visual editor for your website with support for rich text editing, drag-and-drop reordering, image uploading and more.

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Built for static sites

Hashedit makes building high performance sites easy by providing you with a plug-and-play editing solution built for static sites.

Build first, bolt-on when ready

Hashedit was built to be flexible enough that you can add it anytime in your development cycle. So, feel free to forgot about Hashedit until you are ready for it.

Built with JS

Hashedit is built with JS and packaged using NPM. So, you can easily integrate it into your workflow.

Easy to Integrate

Whether you use a hashedit-ready CMS like Respond 6 or want to roll your own solution, Hashedit was built to easily integrate into your environment.

Actually Easy Plugins

Wouldn't it be great if it took minutes, not hours to build a plugin? With Hashedit, you just build a quick JS object containing the HTML you want rendered, and you are done. Really. It is actually easy. Learn more

Bring your own Framework

Hashedit was built to work great with any framework. So, you can use Bootstrap, Foundation, MDL (Material Design Lite), or no framework at all with Hashedit.